What should I do if the package is going and I'm not home?


In this article, we explain what happens to a package not picked up from the courier. Also learn how to redirect a parcel that you cannot pick up in person.

Parcels are very often addressed to the recipient's home.

- GLS delivers packages on working days from Monday to Friday.

- The parcel can also be delivered on Saturday, if the sender requests such a service.

- Domestic packages usually reach their recipients on the next working day after shipment.

- International shipments are usually delivered within 48-96 hours from the day of shipment (depends on destination country).

What if I don't pick up the package from the courier? Of course, you do not have to pick up the package personally. It can also be done by a family member or another person in the household. However, sometimes it happens that nobody is at home.

If the courier will not be able to deliver the package to the address indicated on the shipping label, he will leave a notification letter. What will you find on it?

  • Information that the courier will attempt to deliver your package again on the next business day.
  • The name and location of the Szybka Paczka Point or neighbor's address (depending on where the package went) and GLS contact information. Such delivery is possible only if you agree to it (courier will try to contact you and agree on the form of delivery).
  • Parcel number - you can use this number to see where your package is currently located. Just enter this number here to track your package in real time.

Where can a parcel which the courier could not deliver directly to the recipient go? There are several solutions.

Where should the package wait?

The easiest way to take matters into your own hands is even before the courier makes a failed delivery attempt. With FlexDeliveryService you can redirect your package. This is possible even if the package is already on its way! Where will the parcel wait for collection in this situation? You can, for example, agree to have it delivered to a selected FastPacket location, redirect it to another address or leave it at a designated location. Of course it should be a safe place, protected from access of unauthorized persons as well as from rain, snow or wind.

How to redirect a parcel?

A simple form can be found on our website. Just enter the parcel number and the postal code of the original delivery address.

  • You can redirect the parcel to a Szybka Paczka delivery point.
  • You can also choose to leave the parcel at a designated location without the recipient's signature.
  • You can also change the address or delivery date.

Redirecting a parcel through FlexDeliveryService is completely free.

1. When a parcel is waiting at a location

What if you don't indicate to which Szybka Paczka Point GLS courier can deliver your parcel? In this case, the package will be delivered to the nearest Szybka Paczka Point. Of course, if such a point is nearby and the parcel is not a COD parcel (or other additional services have not been purchased for it). In such a place you can pick up your parcel within next seven days. So there is a lot of time. There are already almost 4.5 thousand such points in Poland. GLS systematically develops their network so that they are as close to the recipients as possible. For many people the package collection in such a point is really the most convenient solution. Some of them immediately redirect the package to the point of their choice.

Here you will find the search engine of GLS parcel service points and GLS branches in Poland.

What are the opening hours?

Points of Szybka Paczka are located in convenient locations, in stores or service points. They are easily accessible both in terms of communication and opening hours. The assumption is that receiving (or sending) a parcel from such a point is to be as convenient as possible.

  • Each outlet is open at least from 10 am to 6 pm on weekdays.However, many of them open earlier and also operate until later in the evening.
  • However, many of them open earlier and also operate until later in the evening.
  • A large number of outlets are also open on Saturdays.

You can easily and quickly check online, in real time, where your parcel currently is. You can track both domestic and international parcels this way. In this way you will also find out if your parcel is ready for pickup at one of the Szybka Paczka points and at which point it is waiting..

2. There will be a second attempt

Suppose the package could not be delivered either directly or to a neighbor. There was also no possibility to put it in a safe place. Also, it was not delivered to the Szybka Paczka point, e.g. because it is a COD parcel. So, what happens to the package not collected from the courier? The courier takes the package back to the GLS branch office, which is the place from where the packages are delivered to the recipient. What happens next? Don't worry, it is not sent back to the sender yet. You don't have to go personally to the branch to pick up the package. On the next working day, the courier will simply try to deliver the package again and will proceed in the same way as the first delivery attempt. What if the delivery is not possible this time? The courier will take the package back to the branch. It will be returned to the sender after six working days. You can pick it up at the branch in person.