All you need to know for shipments to the United Kingdom after the Brexit

Shipping to the UK

With the start of the Brexit, the protocols for parcel shipping to the UK have changed. Shipments that do not have the correct paperwork will be returned without explanation. A good preparation is half the work; These are the most important things to be aware of when shipping to the UK:

  • An EORI number for customs clearance;
  • HS codes to classify your goods;
  • Shipments must be accompanied by a commercial pro forma invoice in duplicate (original+copy);
  • The right Incoterms for your shipment.

For a complete overview of the new requirements and other important issues for you as a consignor, please contact your GLS contact person.

If you want to ship to countries outside the EU, you need a so-called EORI number. EORI stands for Economic Operators' Registration and Identification. This identification number is required for customs clearance. When shipping to the UK, the following EORI numbers are required:

  • From the commercial exporter in the EU;
  • From the commercial importer in the UK.

For more information on how to apply for an EORI number, please visit the Tax and Customs Administration (Belastingdienst) website.

Go to Belastingdienst

Shipments to countries outside the EU must be classified. For this purpose Customs uses goods or customs tariff numbers, the so-called HS codes. HS stands for Harmonized System, each product has a 6-digit code. HS codes are almost always the same for each product worldwide. The code contains information on, for example, VAT and permits. View the complete list of HS codes via the button below.

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Incoterms describe the agreements made between consignor and the recipient. These agreements include who is responsible for what costs. Such as the costs of transport, but also who bears the risk of any damage to or loss of goods. Depending on those, you can choose from the following Incoterms:

  • 10 (DDP)
  • 20 (DAP)
  • 30 (DDP, VAT unpaid)
  • 40 (DAP, cleared)

If you would like to use incoterms 20/30/40 and would like information on the options, please contact