Information on COVID-19

Status: December 29, 2020

Please note:

Considering the current situation in Europe and regulations regarding social distance during the COVID-19 pandemic, GLS Group countries have made a decision about reduction of maximum weight in international transport to 31,5kg, and for United Kingdom to 30kg. Please adjust your parcel weight towards European destinations accordingly. In case that parcel overcomes specified weight, please repack it to suitable weight.

Any parcels above specified weight that arrive at our central HUB will be returned to senders address.

As a parcel service provider, GLS is an important element within the supply chain. The current situation makes the responsibility that we bear even clearer.

What are the restrictions in international parcel shipment?

Given that in most EU countries a certain form of lockdown is currently in force, we kindly ask from shippers to check the possibility of delivery with recipients prior submitting the parcel. Be sure to put notes on the parcels if the business location open for delivery, and be sure to provide at least one contact phone number of the recipient on the parcel label.

*Austria (lockdown)

  • From 22.11 - 17.12 covid restrictions in Austria
  • In case of delivery please contact receiver to check delivery possibilities
  • For more information on this topic, please contact

Does GLS continue to pick up and deliver parcels?

GLS has a supply obligation and picks up and delivers your parcels. We ask you to clarify with your recipients in advance whether shipments can be accepted. If receiving points are closed, then in the current situation we will immediately return parcels to the shipper.

How does delivery look like from the recipients point of view?

Since the delivery process in which the recipient acknowledges receipt of the parcel by means of a special pen on the hand scanner, among other things, is a major source of danger for infections in the context of our transports, we have decided to deliver contactless from 23.03.2020 until further notice. This contactless delivery is considered as proper delivery. This is to continue to ensure a smooth delivery of your parcels.

Alternatively, contactless delivery is also possible if the recipient allows us to drop off the parcel at a named location.

What does the current situation mean for the GLS ParcelShop network?

Our ParcelShops are opened as usual and are available for parcel delivery and acceptance. You can find all available ParcelShops in your area here:

ParcelShop search

What preventive measures is GLS taking against the further spread of the virus?

We do our utmost to protect the health of those involved in our business and to continue to ensure parcel logistics. We have implemented appropriate measures, which are based on the official recommendations of the authorities and are adjusted at short notice if necessary. The measures include:

  • Equipping all locations and supplying all employees, transport partners and drivers with suitable disinfectant and other protective agents.
  • Strict implementation of the necessary hygiene measures in all areas.
  • No travel activity; meetings and conferences are conducted via telephone or video.
  • Implementation Home Office in administrative areas
  • For our shippers and consignees we offer the possibility of contactless delivery.
  • We constantly monitor relevant developments and immediately initiate necessary measures if required

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Contactless Delivery Service

Due to the intense spread of COVID-19 coronavirus in Europe and Croatia, with the aim of protecting the health of couriers, senders and recipients, GLS Croatia as of March 23, 2020 introduces a temporary preventative measure – contactless delivery without signature.

The service can be ordered in writing by GLS Croatia's contracting partner as well as the parcel recipient via the FDS “Delivery Manager” interface. In case of delivery without contact, the recipient does not enter the signature into the scanner, instead the courier enters the name and surname of the recipient, and enters the service code (CLD) in the signature field.

Contactless delivery service is free of charge, no additional surcharges will be applied.