What you need to do, if you have been scammed

Even if you are being critical on the messages you recieve, it is still possible to be scammed. If the accident should happen, it is importan that you react fast.

Contact your bank

If you haven given your accountinformation or credit card information, you must contact your bank as quickly as possible. They know exactly what to do, and how to help you.

Change password

If you have given them your password, or created on by registering as a user, it is important that you change your password on all other sites, where you used that specific password.

Report it to the police

If you have been a victim of phishing, we recommend that you report it to the police.

Visit sikkerdigital.dk (danish language)

At sikkerdigital.dk , you can get help, if you have been a victim of phishing. They can also guide you in safe use of the internet, as well as what you need to be aware of in relation to online fraud.