Special solutions

When a standard setup does not suit your business and there is a very special solution to lift your particular transport task.

GLS Delivery Person opens Delivery Van backdoor for Express Courier Service

Special solutions for your business

GLS Express is the niche company that is very agile. We can design exactly the delivery or pick up setup that suits your company's logistics needs.

Whether it is delivery trips according to a fixed timetable or pick up at certain times, we are happy to help.

Delivery van in front of Berlin Center

Express to the world

Your international express shipments arrive at the world's most important business centers in just 24-48 hours.

No matter where your shipment is going in the world, GLS' GlobalSolution has local partners who ensure the best solution for your chosen destination. And you can book our service 24 hours a day all year long.

gls delivers special package

Special handling

The transport that requires great accuracy or very gentle handling, GLS Express can solve for you.

For example, we can transport everything from confidential documents and organic samples to hanging confectionery and Hazardous Goods - both nationally and internationally.

Contact us for further dialogue about your transport.