Information about Cookies

Cookies are:

Small text files stored on your computer, enabling an analysis of your website use. The information stored by cookies can be read by the website when you visit it again at a later date. On the one hand cookies are necessary to ensure that all processes on the site work smoothly. On the other hand cookies can make the re-use of the site easier for the user: Information stored by cookies at the first visit, e. g. language settings or user names, do not need to be entered again. Hence, the website adjusts itself to a certain extent to your individual needs under the condition that the same device will be used.

That’s why GLS uses cookies:

To provide you an optimal service, adapted to your customer needs. For instance, some information you have already received at the first visit, will not be displayed once more. Activities such as the login and logout process can be facilitated, information you already searched for will be displayed faster. The performance of the website can be increased.

Please find more information in our Privacy Policy.

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GLS uses the following cookies:

ProviderUsed by websiteName Purpose
Collects information about usage of the website and is used for creating reports.
Storage period: 2 years
AddThisgls-newsroom.deloc, mus, uid, uvc, vc, di2, ssc, ssh, sshs, BKU, OUID, dtCookie, na_id, na_tcThese cookies are used to collect usage information including personal and non-personal information. See privacy policy under . Collected non-personal information is used for creating website usage reports which help us improving the website.
Storage period: Several, between 2 years and 6 months or even shorter internal load balancing of web servers
Storage period: Only for current browser session provide new features to website users the selected country on
Storage period: 5 years ID for current browser session
Storage period: Only for current browser session identification of search queries
Storage period: Only for current browser session,,
gls-cookie-policy, IsCookieConsentAccepted,
Used to save acceptance of cookies by website user
Storage period: 2 years
Saves the country and language preference of the website user. Improves usability of the website.
Storage period: Only for current browser session
GLSgls-newsroom.deinquiry-popup-dataUsed for improving usability of the website
Storage period: Only for current browser session
Saves the cookie settings of the website user.
Storage period: 1 year,
_fbpUsed to track the actions a user takes after having been forwarded to the website of the provider by clicking on a Facebook advertisement.
Storage period: 90 days
Google (Analytics, Optimize, Adwords, Remarketing),,,
These cookies are used by Google to collect personal and non-personal information on how users use the websites. The information is used for website usage reports which help to improve the websites. Further information can be found in Googles privacy policy under
Storage period: 30 seconds until 2 years, see details
Microsoft Inc. (Advertising / Bing Ads)GLS-ONE, GLS-App_uetsidTracking cookie to identify a user which has visited the website before
Storage period: 30 seconds until 2 years, see details
Ronald P. Steiner, Hauke Hain, Christian,,,
spamshieldUsed to protect the website from spam created by spam bots.
Storage period: Only for current browser session
Sgalinski Internet Servicesgls-insight.deCookie_optinSaves the cookie settings of the website user.
Storage period: 30 days,,,
PREFUsed to save user settings like language for YouTube videos embedded in the websites.
Storage period: 7 months,,,
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVEUsed to track information on the embedded YouTube videos on a website.
Storage period: 5 months,,,
YSC, GPSThese cookies are used to track views of embedded YouTube videos. The cookies contain a unique ID to track users based on their geographical location
Storage period: 30 minutes

How to deactivate cookies:

You can adjust this in the settings of your browser. You can find more information in the help for your browser. Please note: If you deactivate cookies, you may no longer be able to use all the functions of the respective website.