Change invoicing format

Dear customers,

due to the migration of the original ERP system GLS CZ to the new generation, the standard invoice format has been changed. For easier orientation we have prepared a document with an overview of the changes and explanations, which you can download under this link .

We are also preparing a new portal for you, which will be available during July 2023. Invoices issued for June and their attachments can only be found on this new portal.

Thank you for your understanding.


With our online GLS INVOICING portal, it is possible to monitor and manage invoices issued for parcel deliveries, simply and quickly. It also offers current information on all cash-on-delivery transactions.

Advantages of the GLS INVOICING portal

Cash on delivery overview

• Clear and up-to-date list of selected cash on delivery

Quickly available

• Possibility to download all invoices and their attachments in electronic form

Cash on delivery filtering options

• Practical filtering of cash on delivery by parcel number, variable symbol, amount or according to the date of sending the selected cash on delivery to the customer's account

Only clients with effective shipping contracts can access this portal.

Login data can be obtained from GSL financial department via e-mail